who (Shuí)

Ani, 17

I'm a junior in highschool from Panamá. I love sharing culture in the form of food, dance, art, and traditions. I've been studying Chinese since '13.

我从高中巴拿马初中来。我喜欢的食物,舞蹈,美术,和传统的形式分享文化。我一直在研究中国自  二0一三


what (Shénme)

My lovely Putney

The Putney school has a Trimester abroad program in China, offered in the Winter Trimester for 9 weeks, for more information visit  http://www.putneyschool.org



where (Nǎlǐ)


Led by the wonderful chef, tai chi master, and teacher; Cai Silver. We will start our journey in Beijing, and move on through China to Chongqing, and visit two provinces (Henan and Sichuan).


My goal

-To learn!

-To immerse myself in Chinese culture in as many ways as possible; language, local customs,appetite...

-To have fun!


- 沉浸在中国文化在许多方面成为可能;语言,当地海      关,食欲...

- 玩得开心!